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  • Q1:How to acquire coupon codes?
  • A: Coupon code events will be held aperiodically on D+AF official website. The news will be updated on D+AF facebook fan page, Instagram and LINE@.
  • Q2:Coupon code rules?
  • A:
    • Coupon code rules may vary, please check the activity description page to confirm the relevant information.
    • A single account can only use one coupon code once. Please note that the coupon code cannot be returned or used again when payment failure or order cancellation occurred.
  • Q3:How to use a coupon code?
  • A: At the check-out page, please choose 【Promotional code】 and type in corresponding coupon code to use it.
  • Q4:Will the coupon code still be valid if I have applied for a return?
  • A: If an order no longer meets the threshold for a coupon code after its return, the prices of the order will be re-calculated, and D+AF shall charge the exceeded payment from the return payment.
    • D+AF reserves the right to modify or end the qualification or regulations for coupon code regulations. Announcements for changed are to be made on our official website, and there will not be individual notices.